11 February 2012

Vegan Brownie Order

Vegan Delights orders are really taking off!  Most of the orders are local, generated by word-of-mouth, as opposed to through my online Etsy shop, but that's okay!  That's awesome, in fact!

A recent order I filled was for two dozen vegan brownies--half with nuts, half without.  They are for a chocolate, massage and restorative yoga workshop.  Doesn't that just sound divine?  I was really excited that the workshop coordinator sought me out, and she was very happy with the brownies!

The "final" brownies had curled ribbons and little ingredient tags but I was too eager to take photos, so I snapped pictures of my handiwork mid-way.

Glamor shot.  I took this really just because I love the clarity of my camera's close-ups.  


  1. They look so scrumptious and so dainty wrapped up. Congrats on the great buisness you are doing.

  2. Thanks, Veronica! And this was even BEFORE they got their little ingredients tags and ribbons curled!!