06 February 2012

RECIPE: Zucchini Pasta

This is definitely an "I'm not that hungry but still need to eat something" type of meal.  It's light but the flavors are complex, and the different textures that are going on make it really enjoyable to eat!

It's super simple too!

Zucchini Pasta with Baby Spinach and Sunflower Sprouts


-  2 small-medium zucchinis (depending on your hunger level)
-  1 recipe raw ranch-y/caesar dressing*
-  A large handful of spinach (2 cups or so)
-  Sunflower sprouts (to garnish)

*To make the dressing for this dish, simply combine the following ingredients, using a food processor or something that is capable of doing the same thing:

-  1/2 c. blanched, toasted almonds (you may add more if you'd like a thicker dressing)
-  1 small clove of garlic
-  1/3 c. water
-  1 tsp. dried thyme
-  1 tsp. dried sage
-  1 tsp. oregano
-  1/4 tsp. cumin
-  Juice from half a lemon
-  2 T. Canola Oil
-  1/2 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
-  1/4 tsp. Agave Nectar (if you have issues with agave, just leave it out!)
-  Salt and pepper, to taste


1.  Shave off four sides of your zucchini so that no skin (or very little) remains.  The zucchini should look square on top and rectangular on the side.

2.  Carefully slice your rectangular prism of a zucchini into 2-3 mm. strips.  Cut those strips into even smaller strips, depending on how thick you want your pasta noodles.  If you're going for a fettuccine-type pasta, keep 'em wider!

3.  Place the zucchini noodles in a bowl and ladle 1/8 c. of the dressing on (or more, depending on your preference).  Toss to coat the noodles in the dressing.

4.  On a separate plate, arrange your baby spinach.  Put your creamy noodles on top and garnish with sunflower sprouts.  You might wish to also grind some black pepper over the noodles.

5.  Enjoy!

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