22 February 2012

Meat Free Monday!

I got my first issue of Vegetarian Times earlier this week, and on Wednesday I made one of the recipes.  It was submitted by Sir Paul McCartney, who is a vegetarian.  He, along with his vegetarian daughter, Stella McCartney, are proponents of a campaign called "Meat Free Monday."  The campaign is intended to encourage omnivores to go without meat for just one day a week, if not for the animals' sake, then for the sake of our planet and its sustainability.  I think the campaign has a lot of potential and can be really powerful and effective if people actually try it!  After all, it's just ONE day.  People can still eat meat the other six days if they must.

Anyway, the recipe was called "Super Vegetable Salad" and it was super and it was vegetable-y.  Below are pics of my endeavor.  I was quite pleased with the turnout.

Tomorrow I'll be making another Vegetarian Times-inspired recipe so stay tuned for pictures!

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