23 February 2012

Raw Spicy Almond Noodlez

First of all, I thought the original recipe title of noodles with a "z" was just too adorable and so I kept the spelling.

Secondly, this dish was sooooooooo yummy!  I expected nothing less--all of Rawxy's recipes that I've made have been awesome and I was super excited to make this dish!  Kelp noodles are my new favorite obsession.

This dish was so easy to make too!!!  It took all of five minutes.  Being vegan or raw DOES NOT necessarily equal more work.  It can but then again, preparing a pot roast also sounds like a lot of work

: /

Feast your eyes!!!

Thanks again, Callie!! ;)

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  1. yay, Thanks Laura!! I'm so glad you liked... Mmmm, I want to make this again now! haha.