26 February 2012

RECIPE: Vegan Caesar Dressing

Yesterday was kind of a blah day.  I didn't really have a taste for anything for lunch so I decided to make a salad.  While I love, love, love the maple dijon dressing I usually use on salads (made by me, of course), I wasn't feeling it yesterday so I decided to whip up more of a caesar-y dressing.  It was super easy and fast to make, but most importantly, it was DELICIOUS.

So here you go--a quick, yummy cruelty-free caesar dressing :)

Vegan Caesar Dressing


-  1/2 c. raw almonds, blanched (if you can, soak them for 8-10 hours beforehand--if you don't have the time, no worries!)
-  1/4 c. water (or until desired consistency)
-  2 T. canola oil
-  Juice of one lemon
-  2-3 garlic cloves, minced (I love garlic so I used 3!!)
-  3 large basil leaves, chopped
-  1/2 tsp. sea salt, or more, to taste
-  freshly cracked black pepper

That's everything!  Just blend the S%$# out of the ingredients until you have a smooth, creamy dressing.  Pour over crispy Romaine, toss, and throw on some croutons or raw parmesan if you're feeling crazy.

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