05 February 2012

Health and Wellness Expo

Wow, were these past few days busy!  (Hence my inattentiveness to my blog).  I participated in a "Health and Wellness Expo" yesterday, where I sold my vegan goodies!  To prepare, I was baking, wrapping and packaging around the clock for the past 72 hours.

The fair was a success, though!  All my hard work paid off!  SOOOOO many of my goodies sold, I made some great connections and I had a lot of fun.

The leftovers are now gracing the counter of the yoga studio I work at and are available for purchase!  There are enough leftovers to make a nice spread but there are MUCH less than I thought there would be, which I am just tickled about!

Photos will be posted once my dad e-mails me them!!!!  >:o

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