08 February 2012

My Camera

Lately I have been doing an absolutely HORRIBLE job of remembering to bring my camera with me.  Yesterday I went to Inn Season for my birthday dinner and I forgot it.  Tonight I made a beautiful salad--kale, romaine, little broccoli florets, wasabi chickpeas and toasted almonds, tossed in a spicy creamy avocado dressing--and I forgot to bring it with me to work.  I'm really starting to get annoyed.
The other night at Inn Season, I at least had my phone, which allowed me to take photos, albeit crappy ones at that, but tonight I didn't even have my phone.  I forgot that too. 


Tonight will be the last time I forget my camera.  From here on out, my Canon will LIVE in my purse.  When I need to remove it to take photos, I will IMMEDIATELY put it back.  After all, how can I have a food blog without photos?!


  1. I always use to forget my camera so I now keep it in my purse. I hate when I miss capturing a moment or a meal I am proud of.

  2. I. Know. I am getting much better but it's harder to remember than one might think!