11 February 2012


This week was so busy!  I got a tremendous (I like that word--it's not used often enough!) amount of baking orders, which was wonderful, but as a result, my blog did not get the attention it deserved :(

Now, where should I begin?  So many food-related things...

I know: my birthday!  I turned the big 2-3 this past Tuesday, February 7th.  To celebrate, I went to Inn Season Cafe with my mom.  I had never been there before so I was incredibly excited to go.  Our meal began with a really delicious plateful of bread (multigrain, I think).

Inn Season, as viewed from our table.  Cute.  Simple.

I then foolishly asked for a wine list, only to be informed that they do not serve wine.  I opted for water and then later ordered a sparkling mango soda and it was magical.  Here is what it looks like, when captured with a crappy quality camera phone.

I ordered a vegan spinach quiche thing and it was...weird.  Had I not sampled my mom's scrumptious butternut squash linguine, I probably would have eaten the quiche and tricked myself into thinking it was good, but I did sample the linguine, and it was superb.  Because it was my birthday, too, I wanted to LOVE my meal.  So I did what I NEVER do:  I ordered another dish.  And my "other dish" was my mom's butternut squash linguine.

My not-so-tasty spinach quiche.

I was embarrassed and felt like a snob, but the deliciousness I experienced with my new meal outweighed any self-consciousness.  I was in heaven.  AND, just to convey how classy a place Inn Season Cafe is, they did not charge me for my first dish!  As my mom said, "a place doesn't stay in business for 30 years, and not have good customer service"...or something like that.  They were wise words.
My heavenly butternut squash linguine.  Well, actually, this was my mom's (mine did not have cheese).  I did not have the wherewithal to photograph my dish before I dove into it.


  1. Its important to have a delicious meal on your birthday so I am glad that you re-ordered, something I would do lol

  2. Haha! That makes me feel better. The second dish I got truly was phenomenal.