05 February 2012

[Non-Vegan But Still Adorable] Cookie

I am a girl of many trades:  baker, yogi, artist and nanny.  I nanny for two awesome kids and this past Thursday it was the little girl's birthday.  She turned seven.

For her special day I pre-ordered her a cookie from Cookies by Design.  I described what the little looks like, and I requested a cookie that bore her image.  Cookies by Design did not disappoint.  They did a better job than I could have imagined!  My little doll baby loved the cookie too.

 Sorry for the glare.  You still get the idea, though.

That's edible glitter on her shirt!!

P.S.  When I was in the store, I asked the robot of a salesperson if the had any vegan offerings.  As if reading from some cue cards floating over my head, she replied "No, ma'am (first of all, "ma'am," really??) corporate won't allow us.  No vegan.  No sugar-free."  I was like, "Ohhh, that's okay.  Just thought I'd check.  Thanks anyway."  And she was like, "Sorry we couldn't have helped you."  And I'm thinking, but you did.  I bought a cookie from you, and I raved about what a great job you guys did!  It was just kind of weird, in an android kind of way.

I will, of course, go back and buy cookies as gifts for others and perhaps a time will exist in the future when they offer vegan cookies.  For now, I can just make my own, thank you!


  1. There are so many non vegan things such as cookies and cakes that are just so adorable. I sometmes just want to purchase them to take home and stare at them lol I do that a lot at whole foods cakes and such. They have Hilarys cookies right now again, a whole giant basket and the chocolate coffee is there! I bought a whole bunch and you need to make a visit to ann arbor so you can get some.

  2. A WHOLE GIANT BASKET!?!?!?!?! GAH!!!!! I DO need to get to Ann Arbor. My stomach is still craving something sweet, delicious and celebratory because it did not get it from the cupcake last night. A Hilary's would sure do it though (although I'm not sure how celebratory it is)!