26 January 2012

REVIEW: Amande Cherry Yogurt

Today's product:  Amande Cherry Yogurt

I am not a huge fan of yogurt.  The texture is weird--I like foods that require me to chew--and I don't generally like eating cold things, which yogurt is, unless you heat it, which sounds just awful.

However, this yogurt by Amande, which is made with almond milk, sparked my interest for two reasons.  The first being, I need to up my calcium intake.  One serving of this yogurt satisfies 30 percent of my daily calcium requirement.  Awesome.  The second being that it was on sale at Whole Foods.  Win.  Win.

TASTE:  ***
The yogurt tasted pretty natural!  It didn't seem like I was biting into/slurping up a spoonful of corn syrup.  Rather, I felt like I was eating cherry yogurt, which is, after all, the goal.  Additionally, there was no aftertaste.

While I did enjoy this yogurt overall, this is where I have to knock my rating down a bit.  The texture was weird.  I might compare it to the contents of a JELL-O cup, and not one of the straight-up JELL-Os either, but one of the more custard-y ones.  I thought maybe it needed to be mixed and so I did but that only transformed it into something resembling pale mauve-colored cottage cheese.

The yogurt looked appealing at first glance.  To me, this is very important.  The yogurt had a slight sheen and looked very smooth.  I also liked that it had a "cherry yogurt color," but desaturated (if that makes sense).  Nothing about it seemed artificial.

PRICE:  ****
Price was cheaper than regular yogurt, especially given that it was on sale ;)

As someone who does not like yogurt, I found this yogurt quite enjoyable--great natural cherry taste, smooth texture, albeit slightly weird when stirred, no weird aftertaste, and great source of calcium.  I will definitely buy Amande again.


  1. I am addicted to this yogurt, my favorite being the strawberry. The texture has to be my favorite part to this yogurt strangely enough. I prefer it to the coconut yogurt by So Delicious. What I ususally do with this yogurt is add granola and that really makes it special. You should try adding granola, it maskes the texture very well if thats what turned you off.

  2. Hmmm...I'm not really a granola-in-yogurt type of girl but I did like this yogurt a lot, and even bought more of them (peach and strawberry are in the mix!), I just don't think I would stir it ahead of time. I liked the creaminess of it; it just looked a little unsettling when I stirred it.