19 January 2012

REVIEW: Hilary's Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie

Tonight's [second] product :  HILARY'S CRANBERRY OATMEAL COOKIE

I picked up these cookies at the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor when I went there the other day because I'd had them before and they were to. die. for.  I knew I needed to have them again.

Due to the fact that I have eaten these cookies before, this review is not entirely blind--I went into it knowing that the cookie would be damn good.  I did, however, try to eat the cookie with a more discriminating palate.  Instead of inhaling it, as I did the first time, I chewed, swallowed, chewed, then *gasp* swallowed again.  This was all done without talking, mind you.

Just look at it.  Now THAT is what I call a cookie.

TASTE:  ****
The first thing that I noticed about this cookie was how cinnamon-y it was without being overpowering.  After all, I'm not eating a Snickerdoodle so cinnamon shouldn't be the star of the show, but its presence definitely made the cranberries sing.

TEXTURE:  **** 
I LOVED this cookie's texture.  It's different, though, so if other people aren't as fond, I get that, but I thought it was wonderful.  First of all, it's super moist without tasting undercooked or doughy.  It gently kind of rips apart instead of roughly breaking/cracking or folding into itself, as I've seen some cookies do.  I liked that this cookie was dense.  The ingredients of oats and cranberries almost demand a hearty and substantial density.  A meringue-type cookie just would not have worked.

This looks like a cookie.  It has a nice molasses-y color, a normal round shape and great weight to it.  The one thing I wish it had was more visible cranberries.  The makers of Hilary's Cookies definitely do NOT skimp on ingredients, but to look at this cookie, one might think otherwise.  It calls itself "Cranberry Oatmeal" but where are all the cranberries?  They're inside.  I'm not even sure how the cookies' makers would change this but it is one constructive criticism of mine.  
Another criticism?  
The label.  I hate it.  Like, I really hate it.  The slogan is cute and I like the idea of a girl, or, "Hilary," if you will, but the font is ghastly, the colors are weird, I can't understand the "look" they are going for (Home-cooked goodness with a vegan twist?  A fun, hip, still tasty way to eat vegan?), and the girl looks like she was taken out of clipart.

PRICE:  ***
This cookie cost $2.50, which is really not bad (I don't think).  It's massive, after all and the ingredients are good, high quality ingredients so I think the price is justified.

OVERALL:  ****
Wonderful cookie.  Highly recommended.  I filled out an order request for Hilary's at my local Whole Foods so that I can try more flavors (or more of the Cranberry Oatmeal) but in case they never appear here, I will have to continue to replenish my stock by venturing southwest to Ann Arbor.  Those of you who live in or are close to Ann Arbor, realize your good fortune at being so close to a Hilary's Cookies supplier and try some!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the coffee chocolate one that she makes.

  2. YUM!!! I will have to try that flavor!!!! I haven't seen it yet! Did you purchase it at Whole Foods??

  3. I did happen to buy it at the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor but they have been out of them for some time now :( I am hoping that they get more in and fast, I need my cookie fix lol

  4. Drats! Yeah, I know the feeling. I hope they get some more in soon for ya!