19 January 2012

REVIEW: Amy's Teriyaki Wrap

Okay, so occasionally on my blog I will review food products I try.  Why, you might ask??

a.)  I am passionate about food and love to talk about it.
b.)  I really, really love to eat.

And what better way to do both things than to review the product in a blog???  That's what I think, anyway!

Tonight's product:  AMY'S TERIYAKI WRAP

I will begin by saying that I LOVE a lot of the Amy's frozen thingies I've tried.  My very, very favorite is the Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap.  With this in mind, I peeled open my Amy's wrapper with the giddiness of a child on Christmas morning and popped that bad boy in the microwave (making sure to follow cooking time instructions).

When the microwave timer went off, I took my wrap out, artfully arranged it with its wrapper, took a picture and then took a bite.  CRUNCH.  Yup.  Not the soft bite I was expecting of a rice-filled tortilla wrap.  No, there was a definite crunch and the culprits?  Carrot and...bell pepper?

With a somewhat confused look on my face, I continued to eat my wrap, peeling away the incredibly dry outer layers of the tortilla bread that fell to the plate like broken shards of pottery...and with a similar reverberation.  

I continued to peel away the little paint chip layers of bread as I crunched my way through my wrap, trying to like it, before I realized:  I didn't.  The flavor was not all that great, the tofu was for texture, more than anything, and I did not care for the dried-out exterior.

I hesitated to write such an unfavorable first review but I wanted to inform other, future Amy's Teriyaki Wrap consumers of what might lie in store for them.

TASTE:  **
Somewhat flavorless but what little flavor I did detect seemed somewhat artificial and a little too sweet.

I really feel I do not need to explain my rating.  Crunchy vegetables?  No, thank you.  A tortilla wrap that I could crack a tooth on?  Also no, thank you.

Unfortunately, the very nature of a tortilla wrap does not lend itself to a beautiful exterior.  This was no exception.  A bland, white, flaking lump of a thing.

There's no getting around it:  Amy's are expensive.

Half of the above categories got two stars while the other half got one.  This wrap gets two stars overall though because I have had good Amy's products.  This just wasn't one of them.  I will continue to buy Amy's, though, and try new products.

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