16 January 2012

Four-Month Vegan

The title says it all.  I have been vegan for nearly FOUR months now and this, I'm sure, is right around the time when vegan fledgelings create a blog...right?  Well, that is what I think, anyway.  

This first post is a cute little "get to know me" with, probably, more text than you (and I) would care to have but rest assured that the latter posts will be much more image-based.  I'm dedicating this blog to yummy vegan foods I try...and probably try again, if they're good.  These foods will be both my own creations/modifications of other recipes as well as store-bought things for when I'm feeling lazy.

Now, the "get to know me" portion:  I graduated college in April 2011, and I have since moved home.  In this transitional time I have stood up in my cousin's wedding, gotten a tattoo and become certified to teach yoga.  I have also become a vegan. 

My tattoo!  The flowers are Kwanzaa Cherry Blossoms.

My conversion to veganism (a frightening-sounding introduction to a sentence, if I do say so myself) coincided with my yoga teacher training and the vow I took to do no harm.  Since completing my training, non-harming is still important to me and is wonderful motivation for maintaining my dietary change, but just as important to me are the health benefits that come with eating a plant-based diet.

So to adopt to my new "lifestyle change" I have been cooking and baking A LOT.  I created an Etsy store, which you can check out HERE! or here:

And rest assured, my shop will sell ONLY my successes, no failures.  I'm going to be updating it (Vegan Delights) and this blog regularly so if you have time to kill, make sure and check back frequently--weekly, daily, hourly, bi-hourly.  I won't judge.  In fact, I will probably be tickled that my little visitor count at the bottom goes up.

Alright well I bid you all a good night (or morning, actually--I never quite understood is 2:45 am was night or morning).  I wake up in two and a half hours to go to my morning yoga practice, and so I ask myself, Why did I decide to make a blog now?  I guess the answer to that will have to come in another blog.



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