16 January 2012

Dinner At Work

I work part-time as a receptionist at a local yoga studio and Monday nights I work from 5 until 9:30, which means I bring dinner with me.  It's tricky eating at a desk because it seems there are ALWAYS people around and I don't want to be that person who's stuffing her face while someone is trying to redeem his/her Groupon.

To make a somewhat difficult situation even more difficult, I have decided to start photographing the meals I bring with me to work (assuming they are worthy enough to grace the lens of my camera).

Tonight's meal was most definitely camera-worthy.  It consisted of tabbouleh with quinoa, pistachios and grapefruit.  Let me interject here briefly to note that I could eat grapefruit for the rest of my days.  I love, love, LOVE grapefruit.  When I was younger my mom always bought the pink grapefruit for me and my sister, and so, naturally, I thought the pink ones were my favorite.  Since I've grown up, however, and developed thoughts and opinions of my own, I realize that the WHITE grapefruit is supreme, meaning, I like it better.  So my grapefruit tonight was a white one ;)

Doesn't it look pretty?  And light?  Well, yes, lightness was key because around 7:00 pm this evening my poor stomach felt like it was still trying to process last night's dinner.  The meal kind of worked and it kind of didn't.  I liked the tabbouleh at first but then its oiliness and garlic became just too much to handle (the oil and its sheen sure takes a pretty picture, though!).

I tried to somehow give the oily tabbouleh a face-lift by adding some hot sauce (my cure-all for MANY foods), but it just did not work.  While I love me my hot sauce (and I am not endorsing Cholula--I just think it's the S*%$), I decided that it was better just to not finish the portion instead of drowning it in a hot sauce bath.

So that was tonight's vegan venture (I promise not to overdo that alliteration but I WILL be using it again).

Tomorrow I am headed to Ann Arbor, with a stop off at Big City Small World Bakery to get a vegan ding dong (pictures, obviously, to follow) and Whole Foods to get a Hilary's Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie.  I am excited.  They don't carry the Hilary's line at my local Whole Foods :(  

To those of you scratching your heads, wondering, Wait, that means she has looked into this.  Yes.  You are correct.  I have.  No Whole Foods within 30 miles of me carries these cookies.  I was so bummed about this that I actually filled out a product request form.  If and when the day arrives that MY Whole Foods carries Hilary's, I will let you faithful followers know (as well as assume all credit).



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