20 January 2012

Friday...at last?

I was looking forward to today ALL WEEK and now that the day's almost done, I'm like, Why was I anticipating it????

The day started off fine.  I got to sleep in a bit because the yoga class I attend on Fridays isn't until 9:45.  Not 6:30.  Or 6:00.

Afterwards I had to get some stuff from Whole Foods *shock!* and made sure to sample some marinated mushrooms and root veggies from their hot bar while I was there.  I also snuck a little container of salad dressing to use on my salad for lunch.  I ran out of my homemade stuff and this stuff (balsamic vinaigrette, by the way) looked and smelled pretty good.  When I went to the counter to pay for the salad dressing (along with my other stuff), the cashier just let me have it for free!  I'm definitely going to keep this in mind because the food bar had a LOT of vegan options (even a tofu-based creamy caesar!) and sometimes I just get tired of having maple dijon vinaigrette 86 days in a row.

So the first half of my day was fine but when I got home it seems it was go, go, go until it was time for me to GO! to work. 

Those four hours that seemed to just disappear were spent making myself lunch, eating lunch, watching Modern Family, cleaning up lunch, loading the dishwasher, preparing dinner to take to work, attempting to make quinoa cookies.  I'm boring myself just reading this and I'm the one who did these things.

Here's part of the dinner I prepared for myself:

Yummy julienned carrots and zucchini.

My soon-to-be spring roll with the previously mentioned veggies, toasted pumpkin seeds, been sprouts and TONS of fresh basil, served with Rawxy's Dragon Sauce.

My wrap up close and personal.

Here is my wrap assembled.  I think I overstuffed it, though, because it was really fat when I was rolling it and, as a result of its girth, ripped.  This angle, I must say, though, is very flattering.  Not a rip or protruding carrot to be found

Since the time I got to work until, well, about a half hour ago I was still running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  I also had some crappy stuff happen.  I don't want to reveal too much on this blog--I want the focus to be food!--but just know, I've had better work shifts.

When the tide settled (sorry for the lame metaphor), I checked my usual sites:




Gmail (obviously not going to attach a link to this one)

and then...

Blogspot (no link to this one either...you are here, afterall)

So now, here I am.  Counting down the minutes until I can leave, go home, make some coffee, upload some pictures to this currently sad-looking post and then waste time doing mindless stuff, realizing how tired I am, doing more mindless stuff and then [finally] collapsing into bed.

I ask myself again, then, Why was I looking forward to today???

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  1. I have had many of those types of days, glad I am not alone. Buying stuff at whole foods does help when I am feeling down though:)