19 March 2012

Good Eats!

This was a weekend of--you guessed it!--good eats!!!

I went to an amazing yoga workshop on Friday with my friend, Trevor, and afterwards we went to Sumo Sushi for dinner.  As you may remember, Sumo Sushi is one of my favorite sushi places.  The staff is so, so nice and the food is, of course, great.

I ordered "Veggie Lava," which consists of a sushi roll with steamed mushrooms, sweet potato and avocado in a *vegan* (another reason I love Sumo--they're so vegan friendly!) tempura roll topped with sweet soy and raspberry sauce.  Yum!

Both Trevor and I felt so hip going for sushi at 10:00 at night (following a yoga practice, no less!)

The next morning, after a back-to-back 6:30 and 8:15 morning yoga practice, I went for a St. Patrick's Day breakfast with my mom at Cafe Muse.  We both had mimosas and for my breakfast entree I ordered the vegan tofu scramble with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, truffle oil and chives, a side of mashed sweet potatoes and dry multigrain toast with peach compote.  I had one happy tummy.

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