15 March 2012

Uh-Oh Lunch

Okay, so my lunch yesterday looked really nice but man oh man, did it make me sick.

Like, reeeeaaaaallllly sick.

But here is my hard work that did NOT pay off.  In retrospect, the combo of broccoli, raw parsnips and pear was probably not the best idea : /

I even made my mom a "to-go" lunch but after seeing how sick I got, she is leery of it.  Can't blame her!!


  1. I am sorry you got so sick, but your right about it looking great. How did you get sick from this meal?

  2. I think it was a combination of specific foods that do NOT agree with me: broccoli, parsnips, pear. I like broccoli and pears a lot (parsnips I can't even look at for awhile) but I just have to remember not to eat them together and perhaps in less quantity...