13 March 2012

REVIEW: Ginger People Original Ginger Chews

Today's product
:  Ginger People Original Ginger Chews

I stumbled upon these candies somewhat fortuitously.  I was working behind the desk and a woman asked me if I liked ginger.  I answered with a very emphatic, yes.  The woman then handed me a Ginger People Chew and that is how our paths crossed.

TASTE:  ****
These chews EXPLODE with intense, raw ginger flavor.  Anyone who has eaten raw ginger root knows that it is spicy--hot, almost.  That's real ginger and that's what I tasted.  Now, these chews are sweetened with cane sugar (another plus for me) but the authentic ginger taste is the show-stealer; not the sugar.  Props, too, to the Ginger People Company for accurately describing their product as "surprisingly and satisfyingly spicy."  That they are.

TEXTURE:  ****
Loved, loved, LOVED the texture of this candy--super dense and chewy.  Not so dense and chewy, though, that you have to chew endlessly before getting anywhere.  A couple of chews and you'll polish off the candy.  Word to the wise, though: pop the whole chew in your mouth.  Don't eat it in bites.  It just doesn't work as well and really isn't necessary.

These miniature candies look adorable.  It scored points from the get-go by being small, but it scored additional points by being dusted in white (which I assume to be tapioca starch).  The candy reminded me of a little, guilt-free, vegan Turkish Delight!  I love the company's ginger "people" who appear on all of their products too! 

PRICE:  ****
The price of these could not have been better!  They were on sale at Whole Foods--two for $4.00!  I'm probably going to go back and stock up before the sale ends.  I'm not sure what the original price is but right now, the $2.00/bag is working for me!

OVERALL:  ****
These candies earned four stars in every area of my book--taste, texture, appearance and price.  Other great aspects of this product are its low calorie count (only 20 calories per candy!), its short ingredient list (cane sugar, ginger, tapioca starch), and its lack of stickiness.  I hate eating something that makes my fingers sticky, but these did not.  I think the dusting of tapioca starch is what did it--excellent move, Ginger People.

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