07 March 2012

Birthday Sushi

Below are pictures from my much-belated birthday celebration dinner at Ronin in Royal Oak.  

Sorry the light it in the pictures is so funky.  It was really dark inside the restaurant, and because I HATE using the flash on my camera, I tried my darndest to take pics of my food sans flash--just holding very, very still.

 I ordered a "Shinto roll," which consisted of rice, lettuce, carrots and *vegan* (gotta love that!) tempura wrapped in pink rice paper, topped with avocado.  I also ordered a "Veggie hand roll," which is the black cone thing on the right of my plate.  It had cucumber, avocado, asparagus and rice.  I also requested extra wasabi with my order ;)


 Shinto roll close-up.  The pink rice paper was just lovely.

Another side of my Shinto roll :)

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