15 March 2012

Almond Butter-Banana Smoothie

This breakfast was divine--so refreshing and satisfying.  The recipe for the smoothie I got from Kathy Patalsky's blog, and the Ezekial english muffin with coconut oil and salt was my own addition :)

Too bad my lunch wasn't as good as my breakfast : /  Oh well!  Live and learn!


  1. I really love your attitude:) I got really sick from eating a mango the other day and it made me so sad because my breakfast and lunch were perfect. You are right though, live and learn. I LOVE Ezekial bread by the way, so delicious.

  2. Thanks!
    AWW--that's way too bad about the mango! I used to never eat mangos (my mom doesn't like them so growing up she never bought any, ergo I never knew their deliciousness) but now I eat them ALL the time and they are gradually competing for the title of "Laura's Favorite Fruit."
    I hope you are feeling better, though. How do you think it made you sick? What kind of mango was it--Kent? Champagne? Those are the only two I know...as of now... ;)

  3. It was a kent mango, I just dont care for them. I think the texture and flavor is what really turned me off. Everyone I have told this to has been shocked because they love the fruit so much.

  4. I am so, so sorry to hear that :( Maybe try a Champagne Mango, if you're feeling brave. The texture is different--kind of like a peach, no strings like in the Kent--and it has a different flavor. It's a little tarter and more citrus-y. The "pepper" undertones that are fairly prevalent in the Kent are not in the Champagne. I totally understand if you are turned off from mangos altogether, though!

    Ooh! And check out my most recent post!!! I finally came away from the AA WF with my Hilary's and Chicago Diner cake! I'm so excited to try the both! I got the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie and a Chocolate Mousse cake :) Thanks for the tip!!!!