20 March 2012

Update: Chicago Diner Cake

Just ate my Chicago Diner cake.  So.  Delicious.  I actually split it with my mom (though my slice was a wee bit bigger!) but I definitely could have eaten a whole slice by myself...I just would have felt a lot more guilty afterwards!

The cake had a rich, authentic chocolate flavor.  The chocolate frosting/ganache/whatever! between the cake layers was the perfect ratio to the cake.  Additionally, the texture was heavenly--almost like fudge!  The pale chocolate icing on the side and perimeter of the cake top was divine too--kind of salty, which really complimented the chocolate, with a hint of coffee.  Lastly, there was a faint dusting of chocolate cookie-like crumbs on the side of the cake.  Normally I'm not a big cookie-crumbs-on-cake type of gal, but there was just enough on this cake and it truly made the cake's flavors and textures pop.

I cannot wait to return to Ann Arbor and get another slice of cake!

1 comment:

  1. Right now they have the cookies and cream cake slice, that one is also really good and light in flavor compared to the chocolate. It is not your typical cookies and cream though, to be honest it is just a wonderful vanilla cake with just vanilla icing and chocolate chips through out. I am so happy that you finally got to taste this amazing cake.