27 June 2012

Raw Brownies! (And Macro Bowl Revival)

Yesterday I made raw brownies from The Rawtarian's blog and they turned out great!

I actually tapped in to the little will power I have and waited for them to firm up before slicing and eating them and I'm so glad I did!  They were dense, fudgy and very brownie-like!  (Which is a good quality for brownies to possess).

And for lunch today I reeeeeaaaallllllyyyyyyy did not feel like a salad because it seems I'm having SO many salads lately, so I whipped out my recipe book and AHA!  Something spoke to me:  macro bowl.

Awhile ago I was eating macro bowls every day for lunch (with Callie Englund's "Knock-Off Dragon Sauce") until I got sick of them.  Enough time has passed, though, and my craving for them has returned!

While I did still make the dragon sauce for my bowl today, I did switch up the bowl's contents.  I had zucchini noodles, kelp noodles, carrot noodles and broccoli sprouts with sesame seeds sprinkled on top!  For photogenic purposes, I took these photos pre-sauce and sesame seeds.


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