14 June 2012

Amici's Gourmet Pizza and Living Room

I love pizza.  Like, love it.  And I don't know what it is about the stuff but it does not fill me up!  You would think that all that bread alone would do it but nope.  I can just keep eating and eating and eating.  I dunno where it goes!

My very favorite pizza place is Amici's in Berkley (Michigan, that is), and this past Sunday I went there with my mama and sister!  Whenever I go I ALWAYS create my own pizza and ALWAYS get a Pama-tini.  This Sunday was no exception.

The Pama-tini is ridiculous--a mixture of pomegranate liquor, vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice.  It also comes garnished with a wee orange slice that compliments the drink just perfectly.

Now, for my pizza.  First, let me start by saying that the pizza always comes with Amici's pesto breadsticks (vegan...no parmesan in the sticks!), which are totally and utterly out of this world.  Always piping hot and beyond fresh, the breadsticks come with Amici's homemade herb tomato sauce.

Dunk, dunk, dunk.  I gobble up two or three of them, knowing full well that I am going to eat at least half of my pizza.  Do I care?  Might I be uncomfortable?  No.  And yes.

So, my pizza.  Amici's has a plethora of delicious, pre-created pizza options as well as a grocery list of ingredients--traditional and gourmet--from which to choose if you want to make your own.  I always think, Hey! I will try something else--the Vegan Pizza #8...or #9...or, hey!, #11, for that matter.  Really live it up!  Or even change up my own, customized pizza.

But nope.

I always revert back to my tried and true pizza on whole wheat crust with pesto, herb tomato sauce, portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic and spinach (I also sprinkle thyme on mine).  The combination of these ingredients is just too good.  I fear that if I branch out and get anything even the least bit less scrumptious, I will lament the fact that I could have had sheer heaven.

I will try--try--to branch out one of these times.  I can't promise this but I can go on record as having typed that I will try.

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