03 June 2012

Bake, Bake Here, Bake Bake There, Whether It's Cake or Pie...

...that's how I work the day away in the "Merry Kitchen of Mine!"

The idea to continue my title of this post into the first sentence, set to the tune of "Merry Old Land of Oz," seemed like a cute idea when it was in my head but as I'm typing it, I'm not so sure.

In any event, and with The Wizard of Oz aside, I have resumed my baking!  Not that I ever totally abandoned it but I wasn't really feeling inspired for awhile (hence my recent batch of boring, uninspired, follow-the recipe chocolate chip cookies) but my passion has returned...and how!

Pop, lock and drop it:

And now, the TARTS:

I made this week Berry-Filled Nut Poppers, rolled in coconut, and Mango-Pineapple Tarts!  I am so pleased with how both things turned out AND they seem to be a hit at work (the poppers, that is--the tarts  I dropped off just this morning so I don't yet know if those are moving).

My mom LOVES the tarts.  She has sampled every last thing of mine--which is a lot--and the fact that THESE are her favorite is very telling.  And flattering ;)

P.S.  I made banana soft serve for breakfast the other day.  It was SO good and, like, sooooo easy.  Plus, it's healthy too?  I mean, basically, it's just bananas, peanut butter and cinnamon!  I suppose you could toss in a few vegan chocolate chips and that would add to its amazing-ness, however, it would take this breakfast's healthy factor down a few notches.

A recipe for this will follow.

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