29 June 2012

New iPhone

As a surprise, my dad got me an iPhone the other day!  Ever since I have been O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with it, compulsively checking it and trying to figure out the workings of it, particularly the camera and Instagram.

I'm hoping my obsessiveness will pass because I'm pretty sure my addiction is not a healthy one (are any addictions healthy, after all?)

Anywho, I've been on a raw kick lately--not 100-percent, but perhaps 80 or so!  Raw food is just so yummy!  Here are some pics I *tried out* using Instagram on my phone.  I'm still working through it, as I mentioned.

 Today's lunch (going clockwise, from left):  carrot sticks, black velvet apricots (YUM!--new discovery, per the recommendation of my Whole Foods' friend), pistachios, cucumber and raw "Herb Macadamia Nut Cheese" of Punk Rawk Labs.  This lunch was SUPERB.

Close-up--ain't it purdy?!

My leafy salad with raw "toast", topped with almond butter and white nectarines.  In the background is a bowl of cucumber noodles in mango sauce.

And yesterday I had lunch at Mudgie's, located in Detroit.  I had the Bella sandwich sans roasted peppers and tomato.  Soooooooooo delicious.  Usually I get the "Hippe Dippie $#*% Man", which consists of sunflower sprouts, sliced apples, walnuts, spinach, sunflower seeds, cucumber, avocado--basically everything but the kitchen sink.  I spiced things up this time, as I mentioned, and ordered the Bella, which has, instead, chickpeas, roasted artichokes, sunflower seeds and sprouts and mixed greens.  This sandwich, or, wrap, rather comes with balsamic vinaigrette, whereas the "Hippie" comes with raspberry (which has been very inconsistent--sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful).

I will be ordering the Bella from now on.

AND lastly, I finished off my raw brownies.  I made them, hmmmmm, three days ago?? and they are gone.  I had two earlier today and then thought, what the hell, may as well finish 'em off tonight, and had the remaining two.  I justified it by telling myself that because I'm leaving for Cincinnati tomorrow and staying until Sunday, they might be best eaten now.  In actuality, the flavor of them only gets better with time and they should remain fresh for awhile, considering they're wrapped individually in plastic wrap and stored in a plastic container in my refrigerator but what's done is done.  Or, I should say, what's gone is gone.  I can always make more.

And, by the way, I have posted my brownies to my Etsy shop!  Be sure and check them out if you are interested in treating yourself!  Who isn't?!

I also made raw sesame seed-chestnut truffles, dusted in cocoa powder and I will post pictures of those soon!

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