25 June 2012

End Of My Gluten-Free Week

Yesterday was the end of my experimental week and I gotta say, I did not feel all that different.  I eat pretty healthy to begin with and have a relatively low gluten intake to begin with but I DID enjoy eating more raw foods and THAT part of my experiment I WILL maintain because they make me feel wonderful.

Now, because I slacked yesterday, I will post my face update:

And today's (because I forgot I my week was over!):

And to conclude (this will be a short post), I ate two Avalon Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies last night (to top off my gluten-free week??) and tonight I'm making The Rawtarian's brownies and tomorrow I'm making almond polpetta, inspired by Russell James' recipe.

Sadly, just two pictures in this post...and they ain't even of food :/

Tomorrow's post will be better, though! Food descriptions and pictures G-A-L-O-R-E!

Ooh!  And if you read my blog, PLEASE follow me because it makes me happy!!!

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