16 July 2012

Eat and Run and Sprouted Grain Muffins

Since starting Scott Jurek's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book, Eat and Run, I have wanted to do two things:

1.  Take up running.

2.  Think of every possible food combination to put on top of an Ezekial Sprouted Grain Muffin (since Scott mentions the little devils nearly every other page in his book and since they taste friggin' awesome).

Well, the first of my two "to dos" has not happened and I'm not sure ever will because I just cannot get into running (but I want to!!)

However, my SECOND "to do" has proven more successful!!  While I have not even begun to exhaust the number of food combinations to top a sprouted grain muffins with, I have, in my humble opinion, thought of some pretty interesting pairings for two days in a row.

Yesterday was a sprouted grain muffin with raw almond butter, banana and hemp hearts (you might also notice the mango on the side, which I pretty much eat every day):

...and today was a sprouted grain muffin with my own, homemade hummus, diced avocado, sun-dried tomatoes and HOT SAUCE (and, you guessed it, Cholula brand).  You might, again, notice the mango.  I was not kidding when I said I eat one every day...literally every day:

**Note:  These are actually real camera photos...not "Instagrams."  Shocking, I know!  I was so hungry while I took these. That's the hardest part about food blogging : /

Tomorrow I'm thinking of making a gourmet "burger" of sorts, with Dijon mustard, grilled peaches, avocado, a balsamic-marinated portobello mushroom cap and perhaps some spicy arugala.

As you might notice, I have still been experimenting with Instagram and just CANNOT break myself away from it and its oh-so-pretty effects.  I know that my camera takes clearer pictures, though, and so I face the dilemma of using Instagram and having my pictures look like they're from a box of 1970s polaroids (aka: awesome) or having my pictures look so clear you could count the number of grains in my sprouted muffins.

Decisions, decisions.

For now I think I will continue to do both--when I'm lazy or just plain famished and don't want to spend forever fussing with my food's positioning/lighting, I think I will choose Instagram and when I can put off eating for a wee bit more, my camera will win out.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Ezekial Sprouted Grain Muffin [Not-So] Surprise!!!

Oh!  And some *Instagram* foodie pics from the past few days!!!  Feast your eyes:

 Instagram sprouted grain-hummus-avocado-tomato-hot sauce close up.  I gotta say, it does not look all that appealing.  It kind of looks like some weird, sci-fi space alien thing, but I assure you it was delicious.

The new quinoa salad from California Pizza Kitchen, with arugala, quinoa, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts (I got mine without feta, for obvious reasons, and red onions because I don't like them), tossed in a vinaigrette.  CPK is awesome because they have SO many vegan options and their website is very comprehensive and informative if you're looking for such dietary information!

My quinoa salad again, but with a different Instagram effect.  I think I like the first one better.  I tend to gravitate more towards the vintage-y looking photos.
 Raw banana soft serve with cacao nibs.
  Close-up of my raw banana soft serve with cacao nibs.
 Fresh, vibrant cumin-cinnamon tofu salad with toasted cumin seeds and hemp hearts and a side fruit dish of nectarine and strawberries...summer on a plate.
Close-up of my plate of summertime!

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