28 July 2012

Ann Arbor Visit

After attending my friend's yoga feedback session yesterday, I drove to Ann Arbor to have dinner with my sister, watch some of the Olympics and attend an Ann Arbor yoga class this morning with one of my favorite teachers!

My sister had been wanting to treat me to dinner to celebrate my February birthday for quite awhile (needless to say), and yesterday she finally did!  She let me pick the restaurant and I gave her my choices of either Madras Masala, Jerusalem Garden or Seva.  She chose Seva because she's never been and she knows I like it.

 Although I recently went to the Seva in Detroit with my friend, Tyler, another visit--five days later--was not too soon for me!  My sister ordered a Greek salad (boring!) and I ordered an entree of pad thai with no eggs.  It was delicious and as the photos can attest, I finished it all.

Before I went to my yoga class this morning, I hopped on over to the Saturday morning Ann Arbor Farmer's Market to buy some fresh produce.  I was blown away by how MUCH there was!  I could have bought a lot more than I did, but the somewhat steep prices deterred me from so doing.  I settled on a pint of organic blueberries, a bag of arugala and a bag of sunflower greens, and I was very happy with my purchases.

Lunch will definitely be a salad of arugala, sprouts and other delicious fillings, with blueberries on the side!

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