25 July 2012

Homemade Hemp Milk

Not much to report today in the world of food, sadly.  About the only relatively exciting culinary task I undertook today was making my own hemp milk.  Scott Jurek provides a recipe for hemp milk in his book but because I lent the book to my mom to read, I had to resort to Google to find a recipe.  It's pretty straight forward--blend one cup of hemp hearts with three cups of water, some vanilla extract and a dash of sea salt.  

Welllll, I ran out of vanilla extract the other day so that ingredient did not make its way into my milk and I only had a very small amount of hemp hearts (about 1/4 cup because I chose to buy the smaller packets because the normal-sized "bags" are quite pricey).  Luckily, though, I was able to make about a cup of milk by adding three parts (or 3/4 cup) water.  I sprinkled in a little salt and added a touch of maple syrup to compensate for the vanilla.

Verdict: I liked it.  What I really liked about the milk was knowing that it was TOTALLY unprocessed.  Yahoo!


One more thing.  

This milk would be MUCH better if I owned a Vitamix.  

I got my milk pretty smooth but there was still some grittiness to it because, alas and alack, I do not own a Vitamix, but rather, a $50 Cuisineart.  It gets the job done but truly does not compare to a Vitamix.  

One of these days, though, I WILL own a Vitamix and be able to drink all the smooth and creamy hemp milk my heart desires.  For now, I will drink my hemp milk in a slightly gritty state.

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