28 July 2012

Homemade Mac Cheeze, Courtesy of Addicted to Veggies

I think Addicted to Veggies is my very favorite food blog.


Literally every recipe on there looks divine.  

I am not a raw food purist (although I would like to be...I just don't think it's right for my body) but I want to make and eat pretty much everything on Sarahfae's  blog.  

I've already made multiple variations on her phenomenal tarts as well as her sour cream, and today I decided to make her macadamia nut "cheeze."  The "cheeze" (as the "z" might suggest) is not really cheese at all, but rather, a nut blob!  Yes, that's right, a nut blob!  And no ordinary nut blob, either.  The "cheeze" is made from oily, fluffy-when-grated, expensive, MACADAMIA nuts!!!

Macadamia "cheeze" is easy to make, albeit a bit time consuming, and it tastes great!  However, I think my cheeze might have turned out a tad softer than it should have been.  Perhaps my macadamia-loving mom or sister found my hidden bag of the nuts in the pantry and made my original half cup's worth slightly less than a half, throwing off the dry-wet ingredient ratio : /

Oh well.

Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, and as I said, it tastes great!

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