08 July 2012

REVIEW: Go Raw Mint Chocolate

I've been on a raw kick lately--not totally going 100-percent raw but including a LOT more raw foods into my diet, and I gotta say, I'm really loving it.  I feel more energized and able to eat a lot more, not to mention, I think it's great that I can eat fruit WHENEVER I feel like it and think, I'm being good to my body.  I don't have to feel guilty about "snacking."

All that said, I decided to pick up a bag of Go Raw's Mint Chocolate Squares at While Foods the other day and I was so glad I did.  While it was pricey, the price seemed justified to me because it tastes PHENOMENAL!!!!

Here's my review!


TASTE:  ****
The taste of these chocolates is just dreamlike.  The bite simply dissolves as you chew it and there is not the faintest trace of graininess or bitterness, as is all too common in raw or organic chocolate.  The mint flavor is very present and natural tasting without being overpowering.  Additionally, there is just enough sweetness to balance out the chocolate and mint flavors P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y.

TEXTURE:  ****
I alluded to this in the taste category already but the texture is divine--smooth, dense, chewy.  I really do not know what else I can compare it to; it is one-of-a-kind.

The chocolates' appearance is, quite honestly, nothing special.  It looks like a chocolate square: dark-medium brown in color, about 1/4 inch thick and rather small.  In Go Raw's defense, though, the packaging very accurately depicts the product.  It looks EXACTLY like the image on the bag.  So nothing to "ooh" and "ahh" about but definitely chocolate-looking.

PRICE:  **
This is where I have to drop some stars, unfortunately.  I love, love, love this chocolate but it is pricey.  A bag of chocolates costs (at Whole Foods, at least) $6.00--and that's a lot, considering only six squares comes in the bag, so you figure each little 1.5" square costs about a buck.  I would definitely encourage buyers to look for this product when it's on sale but if you feel like treating yourself, it will be $6.00 well spent.

I was thoroughly impressed with this chocolate.  It's delicious due to its rich, succulent flavor and complex, creamy-chewy texture.  I look forward to trying Go Raw's other flavors--original and orange--but in the meantime I am trying to make my current bag of mint chocolate last because it is not something I will be buying on a weekly basis.  My reason for this is its steep price.  I actually would have rated this product four stars overall, but for its price.  I understand that raw foods must be made in smaller batches and that they require more care and attention during the production process,  but even knocking one dollar off of the retail price would make me feel better about buying it, and it might even make me buy it more frequently.  Until that happens, though, I will just occasionally treat myself, shell out the $6.00, and know that my taste buds are in for a treat!

**Go Raw also sells flax crackers and cookies, bars, bags of sprouted grains, seeds, etc., and I look forward to sampling other products of the company's because I was so impressed with their chocolate.  I want to try the Pizza Flax Crackers, in particular, and when I do I will certainly post a review on my blog.

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