24 July 2012

This Week in Delighfully Vegan News

I type this now with ashamed fingers.  It has been almost a WEEK since my last post.  My goal of creating one post per day is but a distant memory.  Oh well.

In my defense, however, this past week was a very busy week, with much of the busy-ness centering around the computer.  After 8-10 hours (well, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration but it was a loooooooong time) at the computer, the LAST thing I wanted to do was spend another hour typing a blog entry.

I am looking to relocate to San Francisco within the year and to make my dream a reality I need to find work out there.  I wish I was a free spirit enough to just pack up my bags and go without any concrete plans but I am not.  I need stability and, to some extent, predictability.

As of this morning I have applied to a grand total of 18 different jobs, 16 of which are in the San Francisco area.  Two are wild cards, located in Seattle (a very veg-friendly city, I hear) and Berlin (one of my very favorite cities in the world).

For those of you also on the job hunt, you know how much work the application process is--locating jobs, creating cover letters, tweaking resumes, etc.--and so I know you can imagine how exhausting applying to 18 different positions must be...and it was.

I'm not done though.

Tomorrow I'm going to continue my job search in the San Francisco area and then, when an appropriate amount of time has passed, I am going to follow up on companies to which I've already applied.

From applying to these positions I have made a conscious effort to refine my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.  I sought out more personal letters of recommendation to post to LinkedIn and made more connections during this past week.

I feel fulfilled but I really want something to come of all my hard work!  I am going out to San Francisco the week of August 21st and I hope to line up some interviews during that time.

Moving on now to this week in food.

I didn't get a lot of great photos of my food because, as I mentioned, my efforts were mainly geared towards applying, applying, applying.  I did snap a photo of my lunch one day though.  So feast your eyes on that!

My salad of romaine, quinoa, Granny Smith apples, hemp hearts and freshly cracked black pepper.  I am OBSESSED with hemp hearts at the moment and have been sprinkling them on preeeeeeeeeetttttttyyyy much everything.

Close-up of my salad.  I love eating pretty food.

I apologize for this text-heavy post.  My next entry will have more pictures, I promise!  Until then!

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