27 February 2013

RECIPE: Favorite Green Smoothie

Hi all!  Sorry it's been awhile since my last post.  This time is really busy for me, as I have a lot of exciting prospects on the burner and a raw foods workshop just TWO days away!  Eek!  I'm getting excited for it, though, and tonight my mom let me practice talking to her about what I plan on saying.  Surprisingly, she really helped put me at ease!  I'm hoping people ask questions, like she did.  I think it'll make the workshop more fun and more interactive.  Here's the poster I created for it:

Anyway, without further ado (an expression I tend to overuse), I am presenting my FAVORITE green smoothie recipe, inspired by Raechel over at Rebel Grrrl Kitchen.  Enjoy!

Favorite Green Smoothie

-  1/3 c. coconut water
-  1/2 grapefruit (skin cut off)
-  1 c. mango
-  1/2 banana
-  1 heaping T. ground flax seed
-  1 tsp. spirulina (you won't be able to taste it!)
-  A huge knob of ginger
-  2 stalks kale, stems removed

Place all ingredients, in the order listed, into a high-speed* blender, blend and enjoy immediately!  Oh.  And you will enjoy.
*Note:  High-speed blenders like the VitaMix and BlendTec create the best, creamiest smoothies but you can certainly use any blender!


  1. Oh my gosh, that poster is ADORABLE! You have awesome graphic design skills, lady!

    And, again, so happy you like the smoothie. : )
    I need to get a hold of some spirulina, asap.

    1. Thank you, Raechel!

      Yes, the smoothie was AMAZING. There are so many smoothie recipes out there that I want to try but because I like this one so much, I'm not willing to branch out...yet!

  2. OMG That poster!!!!!! So. Freaking. Adorable!! I'm so excited for you to start your classes and I'm glad that the practice made you feel at ease. I know you'll do amazing!

    Your smoothie sounds delicious and is so pretty! Green smoothies are the best :) I feel like I should start drinking coconut water, it' so good for you!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!!! I'm excited too and of course a little nervous but nerves are good! I wish I had someone there to photograph but, alas, I do not : / Maybe I can recruit someone!!

      I gotta say, I did not like coconut for the LONGEST time but then I grew to tolerate it and then actually like it! For me, though, it has to be ICE cold...or blended into smoothies.

      At the beginning I forced myself to at least tolerate it because of its health benefits but now (as I said) I actually enjoy it! And it is very thirst-quenching!