10 February 2013

Cheeze Update

My nut cheeze is finally done and it smells, well, kinda stinky!  As a 'cheese' should.  It also smells savory and spice-y so I am excited to slice into it.  I plan on having it (in some capacity) with my lunch tomorrow.

Also, my birthday was this past Thursday, which is why I fell behind on my posts.  My mom made me my favorite, über moist, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and she bestowed on me wonderful, thoughtful, very Laura-y gifts.  In my gift opening excitement and somewhat cake-coma, I did not take pictures :(  Following is a list of what I received, though, so use your imaginations!!!

-  11-Cup (yes, 11 cups!!!!) Food Processor
-  Avocado tool (can fulfill all avocado functions in one fell swoop--opening, de-pitting, slicing!!)
-  Lettuce cutter (useful)
-  New cutting board (again, useful)
-  Spatula (see above)
-  Debbie Meyer Green Bags (already LOVE)
-  Adorable owl bookmark
-  Owl bedecked water bottle (my mom loves owls and I guess I kind of do too...now, anyway!)
-  Two cute little plates with a row of birds on them
-  Season 2 of Parks and Recreation
-  A subscription to Vegetarian Times

This lady spoiled me rotten!  I got such beautiful things and am already getting so much enjoyment from them!  If I feel so inclined I will get around to snapping photos of them sometime this week.  If I'm inclined.

Last thing:  I only TODAY (Sunday aka three days after my birthday) went to check the mail and I had waiting for me four things!  Two cards from aunts, a card from my grandma and a package from my sissy!  My birthday continued!

 My sister's adorable packaging.  Nordstrom's bag used to wrap the outside package and...

MAC Bag used to wrap the inside package!  She got me an adorable, thoughtfully selected book called 100 Vegetables and Where They Came From.  I cannot wait to start reading it!

The card she got me was PERFECT too!  She nailed it.  Perfect sentiment, color, design.  I'm going to look for a frame for it.

I love how she made out the card too.  She knows I love her drawings (I really do) and that I love her **whimsical** handwriting.  By "whimsical" I mean, childlike, and I mean this in a good way.

From my Aunt Andrea PLUS a debit card.  THAT will come in handy.  I need to think of something fun to spend it on...but I'll probably just splurge on some luxury foods or probiotics.  Yeesh, I'm lame : /

 This card was from my Aunt Carol.  It's so me.  Anything collage-y/artsy I love.

 Even the envelope of the elephant card was cool!  It's a Papyrus.  Of course it is.

And I guess my grandma has become religious?  Her card was sweet and I appreciate her sending one but I did not know she was going so Christian on me!  As I said, though, the card was a kind and thoughtful gesture.  I do miss the days of her Peanuts cards though...


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Yay sounds like a great one!! So many amazing gifts, I'm sure you'll get such great use out of everything! Your sister's card is so adorable and the drawing is awesome!! I'm right there with you, I'd use the debit card for splurge items I'd never normally buy. Can't wait to see what you get!

    The cheese looks really good! Looking forward to checking out tomorrow's lunch ;) Enjoy!!

    1. Again...why did I not respond?! THank you for the happy birthday wishes!

      The cheese was amazing and it made SO much. If you can believe it, I still have some in my fridge! I use the smell test and if it smells okay, I eat it and if it's horrible, I throw it out. THe cheese smells DIVINE though and tastes even divine-r! I'm still rockin' it!