03 February 2013


I have been inspired by so many wonderful blogs lately.  I've made SO many things from Ashley's blog, Edible Perspective, and Rachel's, Almonds and Avocados, and I am a dedicated reader of Angela's (Oh She Glows), Bianca's (Vegan Crunk), Emily's (This Rawsome Vegan Life), Leanne's (Healthful Pursuit), Sarah's (This Is What I Eat) and now Jessica's (How Sweet It Is).

I do have a life!  I swear!  I just really like reading blogs...like, a whole lot.

I also love Gabby's blog, The Veggie Nook, a whole lot too and actually, that is what I'm dedicating this quick little post to!  In a recent post, Gabby talked about an oil-based skin care regimen.  I love any and any homeopathic recipe/idea so I was very intrigued by this one!

My skin is, by no means, horrible--it's actually fairly nice--but it can definitely stand some improvement.  So I dragged my butt to Whole Foods, which really wasn't difficult since I'm there every day anyway, and bought some castor oil, jojoba oil (they did not have sweet almond/sunflower and Gabby said jojoba was fine!), alcohol-free witch hazel toner and some hemp hearts.  Okay, the hemp hearts were not for my face but I was low and needed some.  Don't you all hate when you're low on hemp hearts?

Anyway, I got home, made my little oil concoction and awaited bedtime's arrival.  Come 9:00 (okay, more like 11...30...ish) I rubbed the oil over my face, placed a hot washcloth on it, had a little trouble breathing, and therefore held my breath for one minute, per Gabby's instructions.  After the minute was up I wiped away the oil and applied a little witch hazel toner and went to bed.

I have done this the past two nights (using only water as my face wash in the mornings) and have not noticed any difference yet.  I understand it might take a little time for my skin to benefit from this new regime but I am patient.

I AM relieved, though, that rubbing oil all over my face has not resulted in any breakouts.  So THAT's good.

Oh!  And I thought this was funny:

I have been dehydrating and making raw foods up the yin yang lately and at one point I literally had this many different nuts/seeds/groats soaking in their own little bowls on top of my microwave.

My poor mom...


  1. Haha I love the soaking station in your kitchen! That is too funny! I always have random bowls of soaking nuts and grains, gadgets and containers all over.

    Very cool that you tried the skin routine. Please keep up posted on the progress! And thanks for the shout out :)

    1. Aww, you're welcome, Sarah!! Yes, my kitchen moonlights as a science lab, lol ;))

      And I promise to keep you updated on my skin!

  2. Hahah my kitchen looks like that a lot too :)

    So glad you are trying out my skin care regime! let me know how it goes!!

    1. Haha--it's a little silly-looking and unconventional but in the end the food is SO worth it!

      And I will DEFINITELY let you know how my skin is doing ;) Do you have any good remedies for chapped lips? Mine feel like they're about to fall off!!