05 February 2013

RECIPE: Raw Snickers Bars!

I am so excited to share this recipe.  As is the case with all the recipes I post, this one has been tested and very much approved.  Not only is this Snickers healthier than its processed, dairy-containing, very non-vegan cousin, but it also tastes A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I won't even say it tastes "like a Snickers should" because Snickers taste like sugar, sugar and more sugar...with maybe a little lot of salt from the peanuts.  When one bites into THIS Snickers, on the other hand, that person will experience a deep, not-too-sweet, authentic chocolate shell, with a creamy, rich caramel-y date-based layer and a peanut-y, almond-y base.



Raw Snickers
Makes a Baker's Dozen (13)
-  1/2 c. almond flour (I created mine from leftover almond milk pulp, dehydrated it and then pulsed it in my blender but you could always buy some!!)
-  1/3 c. agave nectar
-  1/4 c. pine nuts
-  1/8 tsp. sea salt
-  1 heaping c. peanuts (just get the plain, unroasted, unsalted--there is so much flavor going on in these and raw peanuts naturally pack a lot of flavor that you don't need the roasted and/or salted varietal)

-  1 c. pitted dates, allowed to soak in warm water for 30 minutes or so to soften.
-  1/4 c. almond milk
-  1 tsp. lucuma powder
-  1/2 tsp. vanilla
-  1 T. almond butter
- 1 heaping T. coconut oil (solid is fine!)
-  1/8 tsp. sea salt

-  1/4 c. + 2 T. cacao powder
-  1/3 c. coconut oil
-  1/4 c. maple syrup
-  Pinch sea salt
1.  Begin by blending all the caramel ingredients together.  Pour mixture into a shallow dish and place in freezer to firm up while you prepare the nougat.
2.  In a food processor, combine all nougat ingredients, except peanuts, until well incorporated.  Transfer mixture to a bowl and mix in peanuts.
3.  Line a plate with wax paper and set to the side.
4.  Scoop heaping tablespoons (I actually used a slightly larger silicone cookie release but I realize not all of you will have this and a heaping tablespoon is about the same size) of the nougat-peanut mixture out and plop on wax paper.  Repeat until no more mixture remains.
5.  Form candies into freezer for 30 minutes to firm up.  After 30 minutes, remove candies and chilling caramel sauce from freezer.  Apply a layer of caramel to each of the candies (I used roughly 1/2 tsp. of caramel/candy bar).  Return candies to freezer for another hour.
6.  Remove candies from freezer to allow them to come to room temperature a bit.  Make chocolate by whisking all ingredients together in a double boiler on the stove.  Remove chocolate from burner.
7.  Dip each candy in the melted chocolate and return to waxed sheet.
8.  Return candies to freezer to allow them to firm up again (or not) and enjoy!  They can be straight out of the freezer!  Store candies in tupperware container in either refrigerator or freezer.


  1. You. Are. A. Genius. And. My. Hero. Seriously, this recipe is amazeballs, thank you so much for sharing it!! I've been planning on trying to ease into an Anti Candida diet and remove all sugars (including fruit) for a little while, so I'll have to make sure to try these before I start that! I'm sure that my family won't have a problem helping me eat them ;) Where can I get lucuma powder? WFs? Pinning this recipe IMMEDIATELY!!

  2. Aww--you're so sweet!!!! Thank you <3

    YES! Make these ASAP!!! Get your sugar fill, like, stuff your face with them so that then you won't want sugar anymore and your Anti Candida Diet will be a walk in the park! You'll have gone out with a bang ;)

    You can get lucuma powder from WF, yes. Navitas Naturals is the brand I get. It might be a little pricey but I SWEAR you can use it in other things--smoothies, oatmeal, pudding, shakes, etc. It is a natural sweetener and adds a caramel-y flavor. It's awesome!!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. These look beyond amazing. This recipe has rocketed right to the top of my must-try list!

    1. Hi Kara! Thanks for the comment! I DO hope you'll make these and when you do, pictures, pictures, pictures!!! Enjoy :)