15 May 2012

Inn Season...Again

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.  I do not have the money to keep going to Inn Season, and yet, there I found myself...AGAIN...not three days ago.  To be more specific, the third time in one week.

I ordered a mushroom-leek-carrot-garlic-asparagus ragout, and it came with gluten-free cornbread muffins...SO good (ate 'em all)...and a lentil salad, of which I was not overly fond.  I gave it to my aunt, who happily took them as leftovers though.

I also ordered a chai.  Inn Season makes the best.  It's super spicy (in a "lots of spices" kind of way, not a hot "burn your eyes" kind of way), comes with its own little teapot AND is served in an adorable little cup and saucer.

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