05 January 2013

More Smoothies and Some Other Stuff :)

Yesterday AND the day before I was like, Okay, Laura, just do a quick post.  You don't have to post everything you want to.  Just post something so that you stay on track and so that your readers (okay, Sarah, LOL) has something to read.  

Wouldn't you know, though, that the stubbornness in me would not allow me to just post a quick something and as a result two days passed and now I have a Frankenpost: a post that will be long (although thankfully due mainly to excessive pictures) and kind of a hodge-podge of stuff.  That's what I get for being stubborn : /

I had been doing really well with getting in my daily green smoothie but today I fell off the wagon ie. I didn't have one.  Though the day's not over, I do not foresee having one for dinner or dessert.  I'm not feeling it.

For breakfast instead I had this magical thing called "Overnight Oats."  Having been a vegan for over a year and an Instagram fanatic, I cannot BELIEVE I waited so long to try the wonder that is overnight oats, since I had certainly heard of them.  They were truly ridiculous.  As many of you know, I get on kicks where I crave the same breakfast foods for weeks on end.  I think overnight oats is my new "kick."  The oats I had this morning were a combination of GF rolled oats, almond milk, banana, some almonds and walnuts, cinnamon, sea salt and flax seed.  I then got the inspiration from Angela Liddon's blog to top it all off with cherry-banana soft serve.

Wise choice, self.

The convenient, portable Mason jar of overnight oats I took with me to work this morning.  This, obviously, is in its pre-assembled, pre-demolished state.

Oats in my VeganDish bowl (shameless plug for VeganDish).

Close-up of oats in VeganDish bowl.

Closer-up of oats in VeganDish bowl.

And finally, the oats topped with my somewhat melty soft serve.  I did not mind about the melty-ness one bit.  I just mixed everything together anyway and thought every bite was heaven.  My oats OBVIOUSLY made their way to Instagram too...

I made sure to flaunt my VeganDish bowl in the first photo I posted to Instagram.  The second bowl was just a lovely close-up (if I do say so myself):

**Lovely close-up**

Yesterday I had a green smoothie with pineapple, mango, kale, flax seed and some ice cubes.  It was drinkable and fine but not my best work.

Glug, glug, glug.  Gettin' down my kinda meh smoothie at work.

I also got my hair cut yesterday and normally I hate taking photos of myself, let alone posting them, but I LOVE the job the guy did so I thought I would share a photo :)

Fierce, as my sister says.

Two days ago I was kind of bored and got the sudden urge to make stuff...food stuff.  The first thing I made was raw toast, which I have not made in forever.  I have been craving it like crazy and thought, Alright.  Enough already!  I need to make it.  So I made it and then had a slice with my lunch the next day, which I slathered with hummus, then topped with avocado slices, then sprinkled with hemp hearts and freshly cracked black pepper.

Raw toast, fresh out of the dehydrator!

Raw toast carefully packaged so that it stays fresh :)

Glamour shot of my carefully packaged toast.

And lunch!!!  The "thing" on the plate next to my carrots is my toast!  I loaded so much stuff on it that I needed a fork and knife to eat it, LOL!

I also made the hummus that topped my "toast" that same day.  I made almond butter, tahini, a salad dressing and this black bean paste for my dinner!

My hummus, sprinkled with far too much paprika, for photography's sake.  Fortunately, I like paprika a lot and like heat, in general, so after I took this picture I just mixed it all in!

Just like my raw toast deserves a glamour shot, so too does my hummus ;)

And here begins my almond butter photos!  My kitchen cookie jar lady wanted to make a cameo on my blog so I posed her with the almond butter.

Cookie jar lady was eyeing my almond butter a little too closely for my liking...

Why am I anthropomorphizing a cookie jar...??

As I mentioned, I made bean paste for a dinner I made and said "dinner" was this wonderful recipe for millet tacos I got from the blog, Edible Perspective, which I've mentioned I'm OBSESSED with lately.  I, again, was not disappointed.

As I always do with recipes I found though, I made some modifications, the biggest being that I subbed out Ashley's taco meat ingredients for my own combination of spices, shredded portobello mushrooms and black beans.  Everything was fantastic.

And messy.
It started off very neat and beautiful but quickly went downhill.

Close-up of the fixins'.

Fixins' on a lettuce "tortilla" ;)

Bean paste with taco "meat", millet, salsa, creamy lime avocado (somewhere) about to make its way into my mouth!

YUM!  I hope pure deliciousness comes through in this photo.

The near-aftermath.

And I must always save room for dessert, even if it's just a little something.  After my gigantic dinner (I ate everything), I wasn't overly hungry so I just an orange and some almond butter-stuffed dates.  The latter is another current food obsession of mine.  I have so many...


  1. LOL @ frankenpost! What a great word! I guarantee you that other people are reading, they just aren't commenting. :)

    Oh man, what amazing food in this post! Aren't overnight oats the best? Ready to have your mind blown? Use your overnight oats IN YOUR SMOOTHIES!!!! I make a blueberry muffin smoothie with overnight oats, cinnamon, frozen blueberries, vanilla protein powder and greens and it is ridiculous. The oats give the smoothie a muffiny or cakey/bread taste. I've made a carrot cake smoothie with overnight oats too and it is amazing! I believe both recipes are on my blog :) Gorgeous photos though, yours look divine!

    I've been wanting to make raw toast for so long now! I definitely need to get that going, and the way you served it is perfect. Totally stealing this meal idea ;) Love the almond butter photos and the wraps are so gorgeous and I'm sure so tasty!

    Finally, the haircut, the photo and the lovely lady in the photo are all gorgeous! I always take photos when I get my hair cut because I know it'll never look that good again... or at least until my next haircut, ha! Beautiful cut, it suits you so well!

    Have a great night!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You're awesome, Sarah! Thanks :))

    And yup, overnight oats are AWESOME! I am in love. I am totally going to try your blueberry muffin smoothie. After I post this response, I'm heading over to your blog and finding the recipe. I'm glad it's on there because otherwise you KNOW I'd be asking for it ;) As you will see from my most recent entry, I'm making an orange creamsicle smoothie tomorrow but you better believe your muffin smoothie is happening Tuesday...

    YES! Steal my toast idea! It's an idea worth stealing!!!! ;))) I love that the raw toast lends itself to sweet or savory toppings, too.

    Lastly, thank you for your compliment on my hair :) And you are so right--it will never look that good again so I needed to document it, haha!