21 January 2013

Happy MLK Day!

Today was so enjoyable!  I actually DID get my butt out of bed at 5:15 to go to my "Follow the Yogi" class and shortly after I got home, my mom and I headed down to Detroit to see the DIA's current exhibit, Faberge: The Rise and Fall.  Today was the last day of the exhibit so I'm so glad that both she and I were able to see it because it was amazing.

Afterwards the two of us went to Vicente's Cuban Cuisine for lunch and it was INCREDIBLE.  Like, one of my new favorite restaurants.  I seriously have been eating so much great food over the past two days.  I feel so grateful that I have access to such delicious food and that more and more restaurants are catering their menus (or at least providing options) to those who adopt a vegan diet.

My lunch was Setas al Ajo, which was "fresh mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, white wine, red pepper flakes and parsley."  I cleaned the bowl.  My mom and I also split Tostones, which are double-fried, yes, double, plantains.  We ordered the savory and it was served with a garlicy-lemon sauce.

 Setas al Ajo


Our waitress brought me and my mom a complimentary fried sweet plantain for dessert--so yummy!

Also, by "split", I had three-and-a-half of the plantains.  I will mention too that they were HUGE!  Next time I'm totally having my own order of Tostones.  My mama can fend for herself ;)


  1. Oh man, this meals looks AMAZING!! I love plantains, especially in the form of tostones. Sometimes the sweet plantains get overwhelming for me but I definitely love them in small portions :)

  2. THank you! Yes, I now LOVE plantains too. I can't believe I went sooooo many years without eating them! And yes, I can see getting sick of the sweet ones. Now the savory ones, I'd have a harder time getting sick of, I think ;))