01 January 2013

30-Day Smoothie Challenge

For Christmas I received a Vitamix blender and ever since I have been making things in it non-stop: almond milk, smoothies, salad dressings, sorbets, oat and quinoa flour (for my flatbread) and, of course, smoothies.

Now, I have an Instagram account, which I am unhealthily obsessed with (are there healthy obsessions??) and from following different people, I came upon this 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge and I thought, Hey!  I wanna do that!

So I am.

I just signed up for the challenge (literally, like 5 minutes ago) and it begins tomorrow!  I kind of started it today and I say "kind of" because  I didn't just have a smoothie for lunch.  I also had a a piece of my flatbread, which I slathered with almond butter.

Today's lunch left me feeling healthy, energized and satisfied...perhaps a little too satisfied, actually.  The smoothie, more than anything, was SO filling.  All of it didn't even fit in the glass and that said, I drank the remainder of what did not fit.  It sure was yummy though.  I got the recipe for the "Joyful" smoothie from Joy MccArthy's blog, Joyous Health.  I just love her and she truly inspires you to want to be healthier.

The "challenge" is to have a green smoothie instead of a meal every day for 30 days.  Simple Green Smoothies, the organizers of the challenge, will send a smoothie recipe each day as well as tips for living a healthier lifestyle!  Gotta love that!

I will do my very, very best to post a picture of my daily smoothie on my blog in addition to my post "theme" for that day.

To health and happiness in 2013!!


  1. What a cool challenge and a great way to put that new Vitamix to work!! That lunch looks simply delicious! I can see how it would leave you energized! I can't wait to see what smoothies you make over the next 30 days! Very cool that they provide recipes too :)

    Cheers to health and happiness!

  2. Thanks, Sarah!! Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I eat so many fruits and veggies anyway that I'm not sure I'll notice a huge difference but we'll see! I don't want to lose any weight so I might have a green smoothie in addition to whatever I would normally make for lunch ;)

    As for that flatbread, oh my gosh, YUM! You gotta make yourself some...