02 January 2013

Day 1 of the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Okay, so I guess you could say I stuck to this challenge because I had a green smoothie today but I didn't really "follow" the challenge quite accurately because I made my own green smoothie based on what I felt like having!

I had intended to take a picture of it but it was so darn good that I drank it all up before I was even able to open my iPhone's camera.  Tomorrow I will make more of an effort to photograph my green smoothie, which should be easy to do because today the effort I made to photograph my smoothie was basically zero.

As I mentioned, I've been referring A LOT to Joy McCarthy's "Joyous Health" blog and I just LOVE it.  I made a smoothie from her blog yesterday and today I made another one!  Her "Dreamy Banana Cream Smoothie."  Holy wow was it good.  I halved the two-serving recipe since it was just me and swapped out the mesquite powder (because I had none) for a heaping 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon and a tsp. of cacao nibs.  I read that the flavor of mesquite, which apparently goes great in barbecue sauces, has undertones of cinnamon, coffee and chocolate, hence my substitutions.  I also added spinach (which is darn near indiscernable in smoothies) to make it "green."

While I am VERY tempted to have this EXACT same smoothie tomorrow, I have some pineapple and kiwi in my fridge that are just BEGGING to be eaten up so I think I'm going to make this Kiwi-Pineapple-Mint smoothie instead, from Kathy Patalsky's Healthy Happy Life blog.

Lastly, because I will never do a post without pictures, here is my lunch and dessert from tonight!  Dinner was just leftovers ;)

Soup or salad?  How 'bout a "supersalad"!!!!  I'm punny.  Okay, seriously though.  If ever there was a super salad, this is it.  I literally think everything in my fridge and pantry went into this.  It turned out AWESOME though.  Perfect flavor, texture and nutritional balance with (get ready for it): romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, celery, artichoke hearts, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, edamame, hemp hearts, freshly cracked black pepper, sea salt, a drizzling of oil and a squirt of lemon juice (phew!).  

Made this beauty in my new Vitamix.  It's strawberry sorbet made with frozen organic strawberries, filtered water, a little bit of organic cane sugar and unsweetened cacao nibs for added crunch ;)

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  1. Oh man that smoothie sounds divine!! I love banana smoothies and what a smart swap for the mesquite powder! I'll have to try that smoothie for sure!

    Lunch looks delicious and that sorbet!! It looks so festive for the season and is so vibrant and absolutely gorgeous! I'm too cold to eat sorbet right now but oh man it would be perfect as a summer treat! Great job, looking forward to seeing tomorrow's smoothie!