07 December 2012

New Treats at the Desk and a Holiday Offering!

After my failure, of sorts, at the bake sale last week, I decided it was time to get right back on the horse and bake some more!  I dedicated soooo much of last week to the bake sale that I didn't have time to bake anything for the desk at work.  It made me feel really good to hear people vocalize how they missed my treats!  Because peanut butter is always such a popular seller, I decided to make [festively wrapped] chocolate peanut butter crispy treats (because everyone likes chocolate too).  The treats themselves are chocolate-peanut butter and I drizzled them with a peanut butter glaze and then some melted chocolate :)

And below is a photo of my treats at work, in all of its Instagram splendor!

I am also going to offer a plate of brownie cookies for people to order for friends/family/themselves this holiday season!  I was going to have a little "sample" of what the plate would look like at the desk but I figured the cookies would end up being thrown out.  Rather than waste cookies, I opted to photograph what the plate will look like (as well as extend the option of customizing the order) and provide a brief description.

Hopefully there will be some bites.  I sure could use the extra money and I know people could use the extra brownie cookies in their bellies ;)

Oh!  One more thing:  I'm getting my tattoo worked on this Wednesday.  It's the marathon session where Jay will do ALL the color.  I'm excited and super, super nervous too.  I hope it's not going to hurt : /  From what I hear (and have experienced), the outline hurts more but is faster and the shading/coloring hurts less but takes a lot longer.

Yes, I know this picture is TOTALLY random but lately I've become kind of obsessed...okay more obsessed...with stickers and cute packaging for the goodies I sell at work.  I have been especially inspired by the holiday season, in terms of my packaging, but I'm going to continue to package my goodies like I am now because it's both enjoyable for me and for the customer!  This bag is one of many sold by "morecozy" on Etsy!


  1. I definitely wouldn't call the bake sale a failure at all! You baked gorgeous treats and you got the word out that vegan treats are so delicious! I'd call that a success!

    Your pb crispy bars look so pretty and I love the packaging. I really love nice packaging too and yours is definitely impressive and so festive! Great job! I'm sure it was nice to hear that your treats were missed!

    Ahh I hope you'll show us your tattoo! I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous! You are a tough chick, I'm sure you'll do fine! Good luck!

  2. Thank you for those kind words, Sarah! That means a lot to me and you make a very good point :) Any exposure to veganism is a good thing!

    I have been having so much fun packaging (I think it's my favorite part of the baking process, even though it's not baking!) and I'm going to try and start getting more into it! Even though it's a little more money, I don't really care! I'm obviously not doing this for the money but for the enjoyment it brings me and other vegans and non-vegans ;)

    As for the tattoo, you better BELIEVE I'm going to post about it! I'm going to be flashing my tattoo to friends and strangers alike--really anyone who'll look!! Ha!

    1. Haha I can't wait to see it! I'd show everyone too ;) Packaging is so fun! I think it also shows great pride in your work too. I always more more of an effort to present my treats in the best way possible, it makes them look that much more appealing! SO cute!