26 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas all!  Or Happy Holidays to those of you not celebrating Christmas!  It has been a busy past couple of days, what with baking, getting ready for Christmas and, hmm, well, that's about it but time sure has flown!

A lot has happened but I will try to keep this post light on text.  I can't say the same about the pictures though.  There are a LOT of pictures I want to share, which I'm sure is okay with you all!  If you're anything like me, it's the posts with photos that you love and can look at forever!  Those with all text, or at least those primarily text-based, well, those get "skimmed."

So without further ado, a snapshot summary of my past few days :)

 A surprise mail parcel from Sarah!

 Sarah sent me yummy gluten-free/vegan chocolate pumpkin loaf and raw baklava, or as I like to call it, "Rawklava."

 Close-up up the "Rawklava."  This stuff was ridiculous.  I had the best of intentions of eating it over the course of a few days but I brought it in the family room with me, turned on the TV, and it was all downhill from there.  By downhill I mean, I finished it.

 Sarah is so cute--she taped a "Merry Christmas" decal into the box she sent me!

Sarah's thank you card--the same logo as her blog!  Check it out if you haven't!!!

Me in front of my family's lovely decorated Christmas tree :)

Glamour shot, I suppose!

I love this one of my mom--check out her shoes!

Me and momma!

Love this one too...

The A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E card my mom got me.  We are both Papyrus freaks.

LOVE this shirt my mom got me!!  I wore it the same day when my mom and I went to the movies (we saw Any Day Now and we both really enjoyed it).

Okay, so my mom loves sock monkeys, like, LOVES them (maybe a little too much).  Pretty much anything sock monkey will cause her to swoon.  That said, I found this Russian princess-looking sock monkey ornament with a muff, hat, fancy pink coat and little pearl earrings and knew, immediately, that I had to get it for her.  So follows the progression of my mom's excitement upon receiving the sock monkey.  Nothing is staged.

Love this.

And this.

Am a little uncomfortable with this...J/K ;)

Eek!  Okay, that's me opening...

Wait for it...

My set of vegandish bowls!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my mamma a puzzle too.  She's a puzzle master!

So here's another close-up of the shirt I got and pictured on the left is a three-piece set of Dandelion Chocolate Bars--one of my favorite types of chocolate!  Sooooo yummy!  I first tried Dandelion when I participated in Foodie Pen Pals.  My pen pal, originally from San Francisco where the small company is based, sent me one.  I bought more when I took a trip there.

Super excited to make some of these recipes!

This pretty much sums up my mom's and my Christmas morning.  Perfection.


  1. Merry Christmas Laura!! It seems like you had such a lovely day! And those bowls, OMG!!! SO adorable!! Looks like a really lovely collection of goodies in your Christmas haul ;) You are your mom are too cute, I love seeing the pics of the two of you. ANd her shoes are so sassy!!

    I'm so glad you liked your treats! The rawklava seriously is really ridiculous! So dangerous to have around haha! I've been working on your fudge slowly ;) It is so rich and delicious, such a great treat! Thanks again! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, Sarah! I am glad you are enjoying the fudge too ;) Yes, it is rich (although so is/was your baklava so I don't know what happened there...) so it's good you're taking your time with it! Have a very happy new year!