12 December 2012

Happy Hump Day to Me!

Today was a great day for me!

Okay, this was breakfast from yesterday but I wanted to post a pic of it because it was SOOO yummy!  Van's Gluten-Free Waffles with a little coconut oil, strawberry-blueberry preserves, sliced banana and a dash of cinnamon and sea salt (I am weird).

Okay, so I finished my Christmas gift baskets, which technically was today because it was after midnight;  I slept in late--something I NEVER do but my basket-creating into the wee hours of the night probably contributed to this;  I got my nails done (again, something I NEVER do but I thought, what am I working so hard for only to sit on my money and never treat myself???);  I grabbed lunch from a great little raw cafe;  I bought these vegan/gluten-free muffins I've been meaning to try, and I had more work done on my tattoo!!

 The  completed baskets!!!

Nails post manicure.

Raw falafel patties and "hummus" wrapped in a collard green with loads of romaine lettuce and sunflower sprouts.  I don't get the "tabbouleh" because I don't like it : /

Bean flour muffins!  I decided to try out the cinnamon and cherry first, as evidenced here, but there are also banana, almond, cranberry and vanilla flavors.

Now back to my tattoo.  It's AWESOME but after 3.25 hours I said, Jay, I can't do it anymore.  My pain was through the roof...and I'm a tough cookie!  I remember from my first tattoo, too, that I will not be able to practice yoga for the next few days while it heals...waahhh!  I'm bummed about that but yoga teaches me to adapt to new situations and to not let things out of our control affect us.  My tattoo, more or less, IS out of my control so I just have to sit tight...literally!  ;)


  1. OMG Laura it looks GORGEOUS!! Your artist is really talented, the coloring is so super pretty! I know how you feel, after the three hour mark it gets really painful, especially when they start to go over the same spots. You are so tough, the ribs are a rough spot! I can't wait to see it when it's done!

    Good for you for spoiling yourself a little bit! You've been baking your butt off, you deserve a bit of a break and some pampering! The baskets came out so cute! I feel like a mani/pedi is the perfect way to treat yourself and relax :) The muffins sound so good, I'd probably go for the cinnamon and cherry first too ;)

  2. Thank you, Sarah! As you may have guessed, I'm slightly OCD (okay, maybe a little more than "slightly"), so when it came to finding a tattoo artist I researched, researched, researched because I wanted the best! I'm super happy with the work he's doing :) I can't wait to see it finished either! I went in there thinking, yeah!, 6-hour tattoo session! That obviously didn't happen. I'm thinking three hours might be my max, hence the two more times I will need to go : / Oh well, it will allow me to save up!

    Thanks for your encouragement about my spoiling myself, lol! I had a mini panic attack afterwards and was like, what did I do?! That's so much money! But then I snapped out of it. Days like these are few and far between ;)

    Today I will be trying the muffins. I hope they're good! I think their gluten-free-ness might make them a little dry so I'm foreseeing needing to spread coconut oil on them.