30 November 2012

Bake Sale Day!

Well, today was the day!  Ladies Night Out!  This past week was filled with baking, sacrificing sleep and foregoing yoga classes in an effort to offer a wide assortment of treats for tonight's event.  I'm really happy with how everything turned out and am so proud of myself for all the hard work I put into this past week.

However, I was a little disappointed with the turnout of tonight's event.  I had hoped to sell a lot more than I did but at least I got to talk to some nice people and offer some samples.  Four very special people in my life showed up to support me though and their coming meant the world to me.  My mom also came to help me set up--right after her long, busy day at work, no less--and stayed with me for an hour or so.  She is definitely the most supportive person in my life who loves me unconditionally and is, without a doubt, my best friend.  I was happy she was there.

I'm going to attempt to peddle ALL the leftover treats I have at my yoga studio this weekend and hopefully they'll go!  Otherwise I'm going to be eating a lot of sweets for the next few weeks...

Oh!  And another thing worth mentioning: I came home tonight to find SIX items in the mail for me!  That never happens!!!  I received my shipment of Red Navel Oranges from Sun Harvest Citrus and ate an orange almost immediately--it was wonderful.  A woman who practices at my studio recommended the company to me and I was NOT disappointed.  The orange was juicy, sweet and super orange-y tasting.  The Red Navels' season is ending soon too so I'm glad I got 'em when I did!

 I also received a letter from JET, informing me that they had received my application and that it was being processed...yahoo!  I love baking and I love yoga but I need to find something that offers me a little more self-sufficiency.  I applied to JET about two weeks ago and early next year I will find out if I made it on to the interview stage!  JET is a program that sends native English-speakers (me!) to Japan for a year to teach Japanese to school-aged children.  I think getting accepted into the JET Program would be such a wonderful experience for me that would really allow me to grow and learn more about myself.

If I don't get accepted into JET, I might attend cooking school!  Awhile ago I requested information on The Natural Gourmet School and they sent me a ton of literature today!

I also got a sweet little note, drawing, magnet and charm from my friend who lives in Austin, Texas.  I got a memo from U of M's Germanic Languages Department requesting money (of which I have none) and a recent New Yorker issue!  I was on cloud nine!

That's all for now!  I think I might run before work tomorrow, which I did last weekend and enjoyed, but who knows--I might be too tired.  In which case, I'll take care of myself and sleep :)

P.S.  I just wanted to share one more thing:  a custom order I received recently for my gluten-free salted caramel chocolate chunk bars.


  1. Yay congrats on the Bake Sale! I know you didn't sell as much as you wanted to but at least you got out there! I'm sure you'll sell out at the Yoga Studio. Your treats are so amazing, I doubt they'd leave a crumb! SO nice that you had such great support and I love reading about your relationship with your mom. She sounds really special and I have a similar relationship with my mom. It makes me happy to see others that feel the same way!

    Hooray for lots of fun mail! Good luck with that application, what a cool experience that would be! The wait to hear back is always the hardest part!

    Those salted caramel chocolate chunk bars look amazing!! *hint hint nudge nudge recipe hint* ha! ;)

    Have a great night, hope you get some rest!

  2. I'm so glad to hear you have a special relationship with your mom too! Don't you feel fortunate?! I know so many people who don't have good relationships with their moms...or the relationships are just kind of meh...and it really makes me feel lucky!

    As for my application--thanks for your good luck wishes! I'm totally approaching it with the attitude of: If it's meant to be, I'll get into it; if it's not, I won't.

    And I DID get some rest...so much, in fact, that I felt rejuvenated for a morning run ;)