25 November 2012

Brownie Cookies

Two of my favorite sweets are brownies and cookies.  For the custom Thanksgiving day order I received, I decided to make brownie cookies!

Every year, the yoga studio I work at holds a special, donation-based Thanksgiving day yoga class.  Donations go to Camp Mak-A-Dream, which is a cost-free camp, located in Montana, for children and young adults struggling with cancer.  This year we raised around $700, which is awesome.

The teacher who taught the class this year created special goodie bags for those who came out to practice and support Camp Mak-A-Dream.  She included burned CDs in the goodie bags, along with incense sticks, gift coupons for a massage discount and my cookies!  I didn't get a chance to photograph them in the packaging, complete with Thanksgiving Snoopy stickers, but I did manage to photograph them fresh out of the oven!

My next goal is to try and make these cookies gluten-free!


  1. These look so amazing Laura! How lovely that you do a donation based class, that is such an amazing thing :) Are you a yoga instructor? What do you do at the studio. WHen I was practicing yoga a lot I wanted to be an instructor but I didn't have a lot of time (or money) to continue with my practice as diligently as I wanted to so that's not happening haha.

    I actually wanted to start practicing again at home just to get my body back to the flexibility I had before and because I really loved it. Do you know of any good yoga youtube videos that you'd recommend for me while I'm practicing at home? I'd love to hear what you think!

    Thanks, and I'd love to see a gf version!

    Oh and Ps. I didn't have a chance to bake today so I'll probably make the cookies next weekend instead. Sorry, I wanted to get them out today but the day got away from me :( Next week though, I promise!

  2. I did my yoga teacher training, actually, but I have not completed my "feedback" process yet. I need to strengthen my confidence first, as silly as that sounds. Next week, actually, my friend is going to let me practice teaching her so I can move forward with my feedbacks! Right now I work at the front desk, doing admin stuff and selling my vegan treats!! The students know me as the "one who makes all the vegan stuff," lol.

    As for yoga instructors, Rodney Yee is probably my favorite. Jason Crandell's are good, in that, he explains everything very well. I also like David Life and Sharon Gannon--they created a type of yoga called Jivamukti and it's different in many ways than "typical" hatha or vinyasa yoga (I'm not sure what you've practiced in the past) but I really like it! I'm not sure if whole sessions of theirs is available on Youtube or not--it might be protected by copyright.

    Noooooo worries about the cookies. I will be happy to get them whenever! I've been eating so much pie lately (truly!) that holding off on cookies for another week or so is probably in my best interest...

  3. Oh! And Yoga Journal's website has great videos you can follow along to. They range from, like, 15 minutes to an hour!

  4. Oooh I'm going to have to check out the Website and thanks for the recommendations! How cool that you've completed teacher training! I've practiced Bikram and Vinyasa in the past. Bikram is a love/hate thing with me (there were days I loved and felt great and days I hated it and wanted to melt into a puddle and die, ha!) but I really loved my vinyasa class and my instructor was amazing. The only reason I stopped was because the class at my gym was canceled when she moved to another gym. So sad!

  5. It's the worst when teachers leave (or in your case, when classes get cancelled)!

    I have never tried Bikram and don't know if I ever will. It scares me. I love vinyasa, though, and practice it almost daily. It's really invigorating and I feel so strong, ya know?

    I hope you find some good yoga videos to try out!