06 November 2012

Baking Frenzy and Gluten-Free

Alright, I made a decision tonight that I need to resume my regular blogging.  Frankly, I miss it and...I certainly have the time, not to mention things to share!

Since my last post I've baked, cooked and prepared soooooo many things.  To name a few I've made peanut butter oatmeal cookies, Butterfinger candy bars, chocolate-dipped macaroons, cookies 'n cream cheesecake bars,  peanut butter brownies, cranberry-orange scones with citrus glaze, red currant-filled lemon scones with lemon icing, an assortment platter of cookies 'n cream brownies, said peanut butter oatmeal cookies and mini apple pies.  I've made stuffed grape leaves, quiche-type things, butternut squash and sun-dried tomato bisque, raw buckwheat "toast," roasted carrot and avocado salad, stuffed acorn squash, a cold garlic and cumin beet salad...the list goes on.

I've also taken up a gluten-free diet for over the past week to see if it helps with some digestive issues I've been experiencing, and in this little amount of time I HAVE noticed a difference!  If I do give up gluten forever, though, or at least long term, I'm going to have to start doing a lot of research!

It's been a pretty easy switch so far because I wasn't consuming a whole lot of gluten to begin with but I can foresee it being a little trickier down the road when I go out to eat with friends or things of that nature.

I will sincerely do my best to keep my blog updated on my G-F progress and baking endeavors!

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