31 August 2012

Foodie Pen Pals

Foodie Pen Pals reveal day is finally here, and what a great month August was!  I talked a little bit about my treats in a previous post but here is the official one!  Adria, my pen pal, sent me a beautiful package, based on my own taste and dietary preferences as well as her own experiences traveling and, simply, living.  The result was a simply splendid parcel of gourmet chocolates from San Francisco (from where I just returned!), loose leaf tea, raw nut and seed packages, fun vegan items, and even a burned CD and three-page handwritten note!  There were other, equally wonderful, things but I'll let the pictures do the talking.

My foodie package arrives!

One of several non-food-related enclosures.
 Here is Adria's beautiful, handwritten three-page note.  Her script is so lovely and I really appreciated the gesture.  I enjoyed reading every last word as I sat seated in my foyer in front of my box of goodies.  It made my day!

The contents!
Close-up of my goodies.

This personalized plastic bag was the perfect size for transporting my travel-sized toiletries to San Francisco on my recent trip.

 I love that the packaging states that this Fizzy Melt is "obviously hand molded."  I haven't taken a bath with it...yet...but I cannot wait to try it out!

 Adria burned this CD for me.  It is the soundtrack of the film "Searching for Sugar Man," which is about a Detroit-born musician, Rodriguez.  Adria saw the film at the Traverse City Film Festival and I hope to see it too.  Since receiving this CD, I have been listening to it non-stop.  It's GREAT!

Dandelion Chocolate is a California-based chocolate company, specifically, San Francisco-based.  San Francisco is one of many places Adria calls home, and she knows it's a place I hope to some day call home, which is what makes this foodie item, in particular, especially thoughtful.

The Mission is one of San Francisco's many districts.  While I was there I picked up another Dandelion Chocolate bar!

 I have not tried this yet but I'm thinking of putting it in a smoothie, like I did with the acai powder "superfood" blend (see below).

Just look at Green Superfood's nutritional benefits!  I'm sure when I try this stuff I'm going to be able to see through walls!  

 Beautiful, organic loose leaf tea.  Adria included a tea bag for me :)

 This raw chocolate was very unique.  The nutmeg added another dimension that really added flavor complexity.
Here's a little back story about gnosis--the makers of the raw chocolate.

I LOVED these.  Notice the "love" is past tense?  Yes, these almonds are ancient history.  While salt-flavored almonds might seem ordinary, these were anything but.  "Living Nutz" dehydrates their nuts at low temperatures for many hours, after having already allowed their nuts to marinate for many additional hours.  The result was a flavor unlike anything I've ever experienced--very complex, almost hard to describe, but very tasty.  The nuts were very fresh too.  There's nothing worse than eating a stale nut and I have had my share.  "Living Nutz" offers other types of nuts (and seeds) in many flavors and I hope to try the "Galactic Onion-Garlic Pistachios" next, although the "Cina-Pecans" sound incredible, too.

This "superfood" berry powder is awesome--the flavor and nutritional benefits totally amped up the smoothie I made it with!

I have not tried this jerky yet but am very much looking forward to it.  I'm thinking of cutting it up and putting it in a salad along with nuts, beautiful greens and some other vegetables.

 These enticing-looking sunflower seeds are another foodie item I have not yet tried.  I am so excited that they're sprouted, though, and the garlic and sea salt flavor sounds absolutely scrumptious.  While I'm sure they're delicious on their own, I'm waiting for a salad inspiration to come to me that really features these little guys.

These rye crisps were, by far, my very favorite thing in my package.  I ate them in two days and could have eaten them in one but I wanted something to look forward to on day two!  I had intended to get myself some more rye crisps when I visited San Francisco but, alas and alack, I forgot.  WHEN I move there I will be sure and stock up!

Well, that's all for this month's Foodie Pen Pal program, and what a month it was!  I look forward to seeing what my September pen pal has in store for me!

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