30 August 2012

Cinnamon Almond Cream Bowl, Courtesy of Addicted to Veggies

I love when the names of things reflect my true sentiment for that same thing.  For example, I really do Love Lucy and I am Addicted to Veggies.

Sarahfae has the most tantalizing recipes on her blog, Addicted to Veggies, and my goal is to make as many of them as I can!  So far I've made several of her tarts, her macadamia nut 'cheeze,' and today I made her cinnamon almond cream.

Oh my lordy.


I was hurrying this morning, trying to get all my things ready to take to work, and last night I decided I would have Sarahfae's almond cream for breakfast.  So this morning I made my almond cream (I substituted a scant tablespoon raw agave instead of date paste), poured it into a jar, cut my beautiful Michigan peach, plopped it in a baggy, threw in some organic raspberries, grabbed my little baggy of golden flax seeds and shoved everything in my "work bag" (a small, reusable Whole Foods bag which is the perfect size for, like, EVERYTHING) and was out the door.  As such, I was seven minutes.  Oh well.  Food came first.

Once at work, and after I got all my opening duties completed, I took to assembling my breakfast!  For me, presentation is everything and so I took the time to make sure it looked pretty.  I love eating food that's beautiful to look at.

To start with, I selected a very shallow, medium-sized bowl and poured in the cream.  I then artfully arranged my fruit atop the beautiful, caramel-colored circle and finished everything off with a sprinkling of golden flax seeds.  I selected the golden flax seeds for the color contrast they provide.  Additionally, they add crunch and nutrition!  Win, win!

The next Addicted to Veggies recipe I plan on making is zucchini noodles in romesco sauce.  I'm hungry just thinking about it.

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