13 August 2012

Food Funk

Lately I have not been feeling very *inspired* to whip up any vegan culinary creations.  Rather, I think, what's on hand, fast and requires little-no prep work.  This lack of motivation and inspiration has not only left me feeling bummed but it has left me with a lot of bland dishes:  romaine salads with pistachios and store-bought dressing; zucchini noodles with a sauce of tamari, Sriracha, agave and water; Ezekial muffins with Dijon mustard and sunflower sprouts...ugh!

I am hoping that a positive shift in my mindset occurs...and soon..this week, preferably...because this current cooking dry spell of mine is bringin' me down!

I think a lot of this has to do with my current prospects, or lack thereof.  I have been applying to sooooooooooo many jobs and have not had any bites!  Well, actually, I had one and that didn't pan out so that was really upsetting for me.  I am not happy with my current job situation or the fact that I live at home in a city with little to do, built around having to drive everywhere.

I say all this to say: I WANNA FEEL INSPIRED TO COOK AGAIN!  I apologize for dumping all this on my food blog but it's nice to have an outlet.  I know the vegan food creation bug will bite me again.  I just hope it happens soon, as I mentioned.

Here is what I've been up to lately.  Nothing overly special--a blueberry cobbler recipe I made from Vegetarian Times' latest issue (and wasn't all that great--not sweet enough and overall bland flavor); a walnut 'meat' (flavored with Trader Joe's taco seasoning mix--not even my own blend!) collard wrap with cukes, lettuce and hot sauce; kelp noodles with a faux pad thai sauce; et cetera, et cetera:

Blueberry Cobbler--looks better than it tasted : /

Walnut 'Meat' Collard Wrap with collard leaves I purchased at Detroit's Eastern Market--they're HUGE!

And so begins my Instagram photos!!!

Raw pad thai with kelp noodles...meh... 

Okay, this actually was kind of creative: raw blueberry 'flax'meal with sliced bananas!

Ezekial sprouted grain muffin with stewed apples and prunes...YUMMMMM!!!

Vegan double chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, made with rice milk...this was not made by me, but rather, purchased so...

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